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Daniel J. Scott, Founder & Principal 

We are reinventing the business of law.

Robert Thony, Attorney

Robert Thony is of counsel to Scott Law in their Corporate General Counsel and celebrity Legacy & Succession Planning groups. In addition to being an attorney, Rob is a music producer and business development professional who works with artists, brands, content creators, and tech companies to develop, protect and license impactful art, multimedia and consumer products.  

Dan Scott spent over 12 years at some of the best law firms in the world, including Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP and Chadbourne & Parke LLP. Determined to bring that same level of expertise and service to a broader range of clients at a fixed and more affordable cost, Dan set out to launch his own practice in 2014. His unique style and brand of providing legal services and advice is refreshing, effective and greatly appreciated (many clients call him the "un-lawyer".) As a musician and writer himself, Dan uses his creativity and personal experience to find innovative solutions and assist clients in achieving their own greatest success. Dan is also devoted to educating and serving the creative community and focusing on the needs of musicians, actors and other entertainers, and is a pioneer in the realm of artist legacy planning.

We provide a solution-oriented, proactive approach to handling our clients legal needs and have created a value-based, completely non-hourly, business model and fee structure. All fees are fixed in advance of any work beginning, so there is complete transparency and accountability.

We are the personal legal and business advisors for individuals, families and businesses in the U.S. and abroad. Whether an individual, family or business, we serve as your "legal alter-ego" and navigate the legal road to achieving your greatest success. 

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​​Paul Haberman, Attorney

Paul Haberman is of counsel to Scott Law in their Corporate General Counsel group, focusing on general business matters. Paul also brings his sports and entertainment experience to Scott Law's celebrity legacy planning practice. Separately, Paul is the owner of the Law Offices of Paul S. Haberman LLC, a New Jersey-based law firm, and is licensed in both New York and New Jersey.


"Planning your own estate can be bleak and tedious. Thankfully, Dan's professional, forthright manner made the process clear, efficient, and easy."

- Hollywood Actor

“Dan’s methods are unique and refreshing. Rather than wanting to start a fight, he consistently wanted to solve a problem and, more importantly, heal my family in the process. That was his mantra. He sees the bigger picture and is really able to get quarreling parties to come to a peaceful resolution. That was a big help in my situation. Not only that, what could have took years and cost 6-figures in legal fees, took a fraction of that both in terms of time and cost. I couldn’t be happier or more thankful for Dan’s service and commitment.”

– Trust Beneficiary & Heiress

"The straight-forward business model of Scott Law works well for any small business, and brings certainty from a budgeting perspective to an otherwise uncertain environment. In addition, Dan brings a level-headed business perspective to every situation and problem, which when combined with his legal skills, has resulted in creative, efficient solutions for my business and company.”

– NYC Entrepreneur & Restaurateur

“Dan has solid capabilities for private equity firms, family offices, and other companies in the space, providing for a clear scope of legal services at a fixed, transparent cost that takes the uncertainty out of legal fees. He is diligent, responsive and cost efficient. Overall, a true pleasure to work with.”

– Southern Cross Group (a Latin American private equity fund)

"Dan is not like other lawyers. In fact, he's not like a lawyer at all. He's creative, but also takes a very practical, cost efficient approach and really gets the job done. Dan is the man when it comes to GC's!"

– Founder & CEO, Entertainment & Media Company

"I was really impressed with how simple some very complex legal and tax ideas were explained to me. Dan was very professional but also very personable.  He made it easy and made me feel good about getting my estate planning in order.  He guided me through every step of the process.  I feel great knowing that my loved ones are taken care of.  I would highly recommend Dan to anyone."

– Tech Entrepreneur

"Dan Scott has been a wonderful advisor, mentor and attorney for our company. He recognized the vision behind our platform in the very early days, and made introductions that were instrumental to our growth. He listened to the evolving needs of our company and developed systems to support those changes in a way that many other law firms had not. Dan's attitude and work with us was truly the product of a partner vested in our success! At the end of the day, Dan has been a wonderful friend to the company, providing us with top notch legal support, as well as believing in our vision and making it stronger with complex yet elegant solutions. We greatly look forward to doing awesome and innovative things together for many years to come."

- Co-founder, Tech Startup

“We immediately felt comfortable with Dan. He is down to earth and very knowledgeable, without sounding too “lawyerly.” We really enjoyed working together, and loved knowing exactly what things would cost in advance. Great job, Dan!”

- NYC Family